Tripod Easel

A tripod easel may be used for various purposes, such as to hold a pad of paper in the classroom or boardroom. It could be used to secure any type of heavy-duty poster to display it at a craft show or other gathering. Restaurants sometimes have their “Special of the Day” written on a small black chalkboard that sits on a wooden easel at the entrance of their business. Artists also use a tripod easel to hold their canvas as they paint. The one thing that all of these easels have in common is their three legs. The length of the easel’s legs may differ, according to the purpose that it will serve.

Tripod EaselThe main thing to look for when shopping for a tripod easel is to buy the right one that fits the purpose for the task. To those who know nothing about these devices, they may all appear to be the same, but they are actually different in some ways. Floor easels sit on the floor to display an item, while table or collector’s easels are placed in another spot.  A tripod easel may simply be used as a tool for a teacher or business person, or it may be used in a home to display a work of art or a collector’s item. The type used by educators and business people is usually made of lightweight aluminum. Many of these can be folded with the legs retracted into the main tube of the device. They can then be placed into a canvas or nylon carrying bag for ease in transporting it.

Tripod easels may be made of various materials as well. Besides the simple, inexpensive aluminum type, there are well-made wooden easels that are made like fine furniture. They may be made of solid wood or have a finish that has been applied to a less expensive wood. One of these is a Georgian style dark cherry finish model. There are many other types of wooden easels that range from contemporary styles to those that are more traditional or antique. If the easel is used to display artwork or another item in the home, the finish on it can be chosen to match the rest of the furniture in the room. There are many stylish easels made of steel or another heavy material that have swirls and other decorative features on them. Welded steel models are very heavy duty and often have a lifetime guarantee. Quality easels of this type can be found online at a specialty website, such as

Another group of floor easels is specifically made for the artist. Artist’s easels range in price from around $100, up to over $2,000. Many of these are constructed of solid oak, so they are sturdy and will not tip over. Many styles have a built in tool tray for paints, brushes, and other items that an artist needs. The feet may have either rubber casters or wheels that allow the easel to be moved to the side when it is not in use. A deluxe easel is so strong that it can hold up to 300 pounds that can be lifted up by the winch pulley system on it. This model is a top-end style that costs around $1,500. There are less expensive tripod models available for beginners.

The best place to buy a tripod easel is from which has a wide selection each with a thorough explanation or review. This is much easier than trying to find a store that carries easels because it is possible to see the wide variety of types and styles available.

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